The Korand Campaign

Aftermath of Battle with Goblins

Retcon: Darren, the cleric, didn’t accompany party into the marshes. Edris, the warlord, did.

Edris and Enoch woke up the goblin in spiffy leather armor twice then interrogated it. The first time, they forgot to tie it up and it tried to run. Enoch knocked it out with a dagger pommel to the head.

Party tried to find out where the goblins came from, but the goblin kept repeating, “Home!” no matter how Edris asked the question. Not getting any other answer, Enoch blasted the goblin to death with a magic missile.

Edris took the shiny spear. Enoch took the spiffy leather armor.

On the robed goblin’s staff, they found a small fresh human skull with one ear still with flesh on it. They wrap it up and pack it away carefully.

Party explores mostly flooded foundations. In the corner of one, they find little baby goblins crying and crawling around. Party debates if they should do anything with the babies. They decide to leave them there. Not wanting to scare the villagers anymore than they are now, party decides they’ll let the minister and nobles of Hamlet Burtonham figure out how to address.

Also with goblin babies, they find a small human skeleton just a little larger than the goblin babies. Party had no doubt the identity of the remains. They packed the rest of the skeleton with the skull.

Suspicious that the well may lead to more goblins, party drops a rock down the well. They hear a splash just about 30 seconds later. Edris determines the well is about 50 feet deep. They didn’t think any goblins awaited down below since the stone just hit water.

Small debate about whether to strike north to see if they can find where the goblins came from. Party decides to head back to Hamlet Burtonham. They might as well bring resolution to the parents of the skeleton they had packed away.

A couple hours later, they return to the church in Hamlet Burtonham. Discuss everything with the minister. Minister agrees that the skeleton most likely the missing baby. He thanks them for their hard work and gives them a copy of the Book of Pelor. He tells them to refer to it when they feel like they’ve lost all hope. He also takes to heart the party’s warning that goblins may come back at some later date.

Minister suggests party take skeleton to the Stromberg. They head on over there but get surprised by Mrs Stromberg’s refusal to believe that the skeleton is their baby. Party tries to reason with her, but she won’t accept it.

Party goes back to church to ask minister for advice on matter. Situation put minister at a loss, but he tells them that there are irrefutable ways to confirm identity of skeleton. They will have to seek for that answer somewhere else, though. No one in Hamlet Burtonham has that amount of power.

Still worried by the goblin presence, party heads up to Keep. They get an audience with Lord Burtonham, who hears them out. He agrees that he doesn’t like the sound of goblins in the area. Patrols will be sent out to guard against any such menace. Guards will also spend more time around the Hamlet in case mysterious thefts happen again.

Edris visits his master, retells story and requests that he be allowed to go with Haydn’s Defenders. Master agrees but says that he will need to work on getting paperwork together to allow it. He estimates that he can have something tomorrow by the morning. Stay the night, and everything should be ready in the morning.

Party goes to the shelter house in center of Hamlet Burtonham, being around dinner time. Gathering people around, party tells their story of marching into the marshes and fighting goblins. Villagers get anxious and excitable, but Edris calms them down and reassures them that the nobles will send out patrols to make sure nothing like this happens again.

Villagers all very happy. They gathered together enough dried and canned food to provide five days of food for each of the party members. The night became late. The villagers showed their last bit of gratefulness. Edris headed up to the Keep for one last night in Hamlet Burtonham, and the rest of the party made camp near the shelter house.

19th Day of the 6th Month of the 967th Year of Korandish Reckoning

A page provides Edris paperwork that will allow him to legally travel with Haydn’s Defenders. He gathers his belongings then goes to meet up with party at shelter house.

Everyone all together, packed up and having eaten, party heads back south following the road to Monastery Doran. Enoch feels anxious about the path.

Darius and Rensca stayed behind.

A couple hours later they meet up with a patrol that they travel with. Not much of conversationalists, the patrol and party part ways a couple hours later.

Party continues onward, patrols being the only other living creatures that they meet on the road. Little conversation. Patrol looks at their papers and the different groups go their own ways.

21st Day of the 6th Month of the 967th Year of Korandish Reckoning

Party reaches Monastery Doran before noon. They travel around the edges of the central settlement, through farmland, to avoid any inconvenient confrontations.

23rd Day of the 6th Month of the 967th Year of Korandish Reckoning

Party reaches the northwest edge of Grassin where the pastures and farmland start.


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