The Korand Campaign

Emerging from the Caverns

Battle with two Shadow Stalkers doesn’t last long even though it spans two floors of ruins. Shadow Stalkers attempt hit and run tactics on Haydn’s Defenders, but party proves too persistent and athletic. Milu and Eward even made heroic jumps over a stream.

One of the shadows had Milu in a headlock. Milu, however, brushed off the Shadow Stalker like a fly. Eward gave the shadow killing blow with sword.

Climbing up to the next level of ruins, party found a wet room, a destroyed stairwell and a hole above the stairs. Eward proved master of the rope & grapple. He tossed the hook through the hole and found grounding.

Party climbed up rope to find themselves in a largish cavern with two exits on opposite sides. First tunnel reached a dead end with a hole in the group. Party turned around.

On way toward other exit, party found an old campfire and some belt pouches. Following was found in pouches: 17 copper garns, 2 silver crons, an opaque blue stone, 2 lbs salt, 3 herbal poultices, 1 unit of rare herbs, 1 half bottle gin and two vials of clear magical liquid.

Gathering things together, party continued on and through the other exit. Short way through a tunnel, party reaches underground lake that stretches into the darkness. The path leads to the right alongside lake to an end about twenty feet from where party entered. Daylight came through ceiling above other end of path. Through the hole came a long leather tube about as big as someone putting the tips of their fingers together and palms facing each other.

Reaching end of path, party found some handholds in wall that lead up to ceiling twenty or so feet up. Mustering his strength, Eward used handholds to climb to ceiling. A couple feet away from the hole, he saw that walls that extending up from hole were made of brick. He reached up and got a handhold between the bricks with one hand. Taking a deep breath, he swung out then got a handhold on the bricks with his other arm.

Eward got himself steady and didn’t look down. With all his strength climb up through the hole. Seeing the inside of a slanted roof and a bucket hanging by a rope off a round wooden object, Eward realized he was climbing up through a well. Lugging himself up and out of the well onto a Monastery street, he saw someone in simple clothes standing next to the leather tube and staring at Eward.

Breath under control, Eward winched the bucket down to party below. Lofgren climbed up the rope with little problem. Enoch sat his ass in the bucket, and Eward winched him up. Milu stood up in the bucket, holding onto the rope, Eward winching him up.

Party got their bearings, Eward and Milu located them a few blocks northwest of the Miller’s. Party saw lines of smoke and steam arising in that direction. They ran toward it, following the leather hoses, seeing a couple pumping some device connecting parts of the hose.

A few minutes later, they reached a point a block or so from the Miller’s, finding ash and rubble arrayed before them taking up a few blocks in south, west and east. They could see humongous water humanoids smashing themselves against final persisting flames and people pointing hoses spewing water toward the ashes. Groups of people stood to the sides, sweating and pitch black from ash. A few people lie on the ground, wheezing with difficulty, whole other bodies lie on the ground, motionless, even the rise and fall of their chests absent.

The fire had destroyed a few blocks of the Monastery. People have been massively wounded and even died. . .all from a simple offensive fire spell against giant rats. What happens with Enoch and the party now?


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