The Korand Campaign

Epic Battle with Goblins

Not seven minutes after the battle with the beetles, while Darius and Rensca were off relieving themselves, two and a half dozen goblins scrambled from the northeast. Most of them were runty, but two of them stood out: one of them wore crumby robes and another one had a shiny spear and a spiffy suit of leather armor.

Ramtar and Lofgren jumped across the river to get themselves into a better position. Enoch attempted to follow, but he tripped in one of the holes.

Putting himself between Enoch and the goblins, Darren yelled, “I’ll protect you, buddy!”

The goblin in crumby robes conjured up a huge cloud centered around Enoch, causing both him and Darren some difficulty seeing. The goblin with a shiny spear charged Darren while a bunch of the runty ones surrounded him. Some of the other goblins tried to maneuver toward the rear line of the party.

An epic scuffle ensued with Darren at the center. The runty goblins kept jumping and grabbing onto Darren. Big goblin with spear stabbed Darren good, and Darren found that he couldn’t step away. His feet felt heavy and immovable for no good reason. The runty goblins overwhelmed him, then the bigger goblin stabbed Darren good enough to send the ever hopeful cleric to the ground, face in the mud.

Robed goblin had struck both Enoch and Lofgren at different times with a painful force that also blinded them, but they both recovered soon after.

Just before Darren had gone down, Enoch put the runty goblins around Darren to sleep. The bigger goblin had stayed up, so after striking Darren down, he moved toward Ramtar and Enoch. The two of them had taken a defensive position between a boulder and the river. Runty goblins that had been maneuvering toward the back lines, having to maneuver through old foundations and around trees, reached Enoch and Ramtar.

Enoch caused major damage to the robed cleric with a one frost, then struck the spear goblin with an almost as crushing blast of frost. Having recovered his sight. Lofgren struck down the robed goblin with a couple well-aimed arrows.

Ramtar, Enoch and Lofgren widdled down the runty goblins as the spear goblin moved in on Ramtar. When the magically sleeping runts woke up, they were mowed down then ran.

In the midst of goblins starting to realize their demise, Darren pushed himself up from out of the water. He said a prayer, many of his wounds healed up. He yelled, “I’m coming to help!” running toward the melee with the spear goblin.

The party made quick work of the spear goblin. Lofgren sighted a couple of the runts running away then took them out with little trouble.

Darius and Rensca arrived back at the well. Looking around at all the carnage, Darius asked, “Eh. . .what’d we miss?”

(+263 xp for Lofgren, Ramtar and Darren — already credited on character sheets)
(-22 arrows to Lofgren — already accounted for on character sheet)


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