The Korand Campaign

Going After Them Bandits

Enoch, Darius, Rensca and Darren met up with Lofgren and Ramtar back at the shelter home. After eating breakfast, they investigated the Stromberg home again. Lofgren’s fresh eyes helped, identifying the tracks and claw marks as goblin.

Satisfied they found as much information as they could, party headed north into the marshes. They followed the river at a slow pace because of the terrain, Darius and Lofgren up front, all stealthy. Nature sense tingled for party members trained in nature, but they couldn’t figure out why.

Darius and Lofgren spotted a group of five runty goblins oblivious to the two. The two of them attack, as do the party once they catch up. Party makes quick work of the goblins without any injury. They killed all but one of the goblins, hoping to interrogate and get information.

No one could understand the goblin, and he just freaked out and gibbered. The guys of party debated how to address the situation and what to do with the little guy. They became oblivious of their surroundings, just focusing on the debate.

Rensca loaded her crossbow. The guys continued debating. Rensca pointed the crossbow at the goblin. They kept debating. She shot the goblin in the head, and the little guy let out a scream of anguish upon death. Guys turned their heads, eyes wide open. They opened their mouths to say something but at the shrug of her shoulders, they realized it wouldn’t up.

About a half hour later, same marching order with Lofgren back with the group, they saw the chimney emerge in the distance. Darius crept as he scouted, but he tripped and splashed as he regained his balance. The grasses rustled ahead, then grassed moved back and forth rapidly progressing onward.

Emerging into a small clearing, Darius saw an old brick well emerge a foot out of the ground with a big wooden plank tossed to the side. The stank of poop rose out of the well, as did five giant ticks. Darius tossed a dagger fruitlessly at one of the ticks.

Battle broke out, with Darius taking some tough bites to the legs. The rest party reached Darius and the ticks no so quickly as they tripped through the marshes. On the way, Enoch realized that there were little sink holes in close proximity to the river that people couldn’t see easily and made for some bad tripping.

Once the party caught up, they gave the ticks a beat down after Darius and Rensca took some harsh blows. Good thing Darren was able to heal them with the blessing of Pelor, keeping them up and about. The party will still need a little time to recover from the battle to move on.


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