The Korand Campaign

Law & Order: Korand Style

Retcon: Only Enoch leaves with the minister. Rest of party stays behind in church, having had enough of negative reception from villagers.

Enoch and minister reach shelter home where villagers gather around a campfire. A well-muscled guy in scaled mail orates to them with hopeful rhetoric. Enoch notices in front of crowd, a well-dressed woman out of place amongst the villagers.

Finding an opening in the oration, Enoch introduces himself, inspiring villagers to throw rotten vegetables at him. Well-muscled guy tries to calm them down but with little luck. Enoch uses a cantrip to make campfire flare up, causing villagers to jump back and quiet down. Well-muscled man tells villagers to remain calm and wait a little bit as he talks with Enoch.

Well-muscled man’s name is Darren, a man of Pelor. Out-of-place woman joins conversation and is named Rensca. During conversation, a mousy looking man offers Enoch’s flint & steel back to him and also provides his name, Darius, but many call him Rat. Darius introduces himself as a security professional. All three sent down by nobles from Burtonham Keep to help with investigation.

After getting acquainted, they discuss matter with minister, who does most of the conversation with villagers. Best lead gathered in discussion: the Stromberg family lost their child, so four of them head over to Stromberg family home just on the edge of the hamlet’s center.

Not too much learned at the Stromberg family home, where they also do some weaving. Rensca connected with Jill, the kidnapped baby’s mother, and helped her to grieve. After encouraging Darren to stand guard outside, Enoch and Darius explored the baby’s nursery and the ground outside the window.

From light interrogation of Dorrigan & Jill, party concluded kidnapping an outside job of some kind of non-human bandit. They left after having helped Jill let out more tears than she had since the ordeal had begun, promising to return their child and rein vengeance down onto the perpetrators.

The party returned to the church, finding the minister and Ramtar speaking in hushed tones. From Enoch heard, it had something to do with Ramtar’s compulsion to mock Owlfang the table earlier when they had difficulty with the villagers.

Minister joined the party to help go over information gathered and figure out the next step. Party decides to set up a trap: find something that will act as lure to bandits and capture one or more. Minister suggested seeing of Old Man Gruff will provide his chicken coop as lure. Party agreed to advice.

Ramtar stayed behind. Minister led party to Old Man Gruff’s and proposed scheme to Gruff. Gruff agreed. With help of the Old Man, Darius hid in chicken coop while the three others try concealing themselves; Rensca in the branches of a tree, Enoch behind the tree and Darren amongst a next door neighbor’s crops.

Nothing happened and they fell asleep.

18th Day of the Sixth Month of the Korandish Calendar: Enoch’s Birthday

Darius woke up with a sore back at around 6:30 AM and knocked on door to get let out. Rest of party woke up then got Old Man Gruff, who let out Darius.

Party conversed amongst themselves and Old Man Gruff. The trap didn’t work, so they decided that they’ll take the fight to the bandits, but where to look for them? Party asked Old Man Gruff if any caves in the area. Gruff said no caves, but he remembered play amongst some ruins during his childhood north in the marsh. Just follow the river until you can see the old crumbling chimney.

They party decided to take a look there (for the next gaming session).


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