The Korand Campaign

Mystical Party Line Up Changes & Lost in Some Caverns

15th Day of the 6th Month of the 967th Year of our Kingdom Korand

7:46 AM
Lofgren and Volney peak around the corner of a curve in the tunnel.

A floating, ectoplasmic tentacle beast and an armored man swinging a sword pops out of nowhere, battling each other. The man and party at mouth of tunnel heading up to Miller’s basement deal with the beast in short time.

Lofgren and Volney have disappeared. Armored man’s name is Eward, and he recognizes Ramtar and Enoch. They don’t recognize him. They have similar stories except Eward doesn’t remember any fire in the Miller’s basement. Ramtar and Enoch don’t remember Eward.

All of them are concerned about Lofgren disappearing. Eward doesn’t remember Volney. After confusing discussion, they agree to venture deeper into caverns. Hopefully they can find Lofgren.

7:51 AM
Three members of party follow the tunnel. It goes at such an angle that traveling 70’ forward, they’ve also descended 40’ deeper when they enter a largish cavern with stalagmites and stalactites. With just Enoch’s light spell, they have trouble seeing shape of the cavern.

Moving forward, they reach some of the stalagmites and stalactites. A dark hand reaches out of Eward’s shadow and reaches for him with its dark chill, Eward jumps out of its way. Enoch identifies the creature as a Shadow Stalker that somehow came to the mortal plane from the Shadowfell.

Shadow Stalker did some damage from within Eward’s shadow, but Eward shook off the creature’s focus. Party ganged up on the shadow and slayed it.

7:58 AM
Party searched the cavern, finding nothing too exciting. Directly across the cavern from the tunnel they came from was a pool with a tunnel awaiting twenty feet on the other side. They also found a tunnel about twenty feet to the right of the pool.

They wandered down the tunnel without an obstruction for about 100 feet when they reached a horizontal dead end. One option is to climb about twenty feet up to see what they could find.

Instead, party turned around to take chances with the pool.

8:13 AM
Pool didn’t make seeing the bottom easy. Around the edges was a ledge, though. It proved slippery, but Eward pretty much bounded along it with the barest of problems (even while wearing scale armor).

Enoch and Ramtar both tripped on their way over but grabbed onto the ledge. Enoch got back onto his feet then reached the other side without incident. Instead of standing up, Ramtar straightened his arms, inching around the ledge, his legs dangling, on his palms. Plate armor made things difficult for him, but the paladin prove victorious over the pool and ledge.

8:15 AM
Featureless tunnel that winded for about 120 feet. Party reached a finally crafted stairwell that ascended about 15 feet. Unfortunately, three green and a purple tentacle beasts awaited them. Enoch, his senses about him, identified them as otherworldly beasts from the Far Realm called Fell Taint, carnivores that find thin boundaries between worlds then sneak through them, untiringly seeking thoughts of others for food.

Ramtar, Eward and Enoch engaged the Fell Taint in a pitched fight. The green ones advanced, lashing with their tentacles. The purple stayed in back, shooting its tentacles all at once at as many of the party as it could. The party would scars on their minds, but they proved victorious over their alien foes.

Lofgren and Volney don’t suspect their separation from the party. There is some confusion, however, because rest of the party doesn’t recognize Volney any longer. Lofgren and Volney also don’t know who this Milu, a rough, tough but honorable warrior is. Some confusing discussion (What, no fire in the Miller’s basement? A fire in the Miller’s basement, you say?) then decide to explore the caverns.

Some distance into the caverns, party finds a tomb with smooth stone walls, a carving of a huge stag skull with fangs on the wall and mausoleum. Party searches room. They become beset by a bunch of tentacle beasts. Lofgren and Milu find themselves in an overwhelming, pitched battle with the tentacle beasts and the rest of the party disappeared.

Knowing the two of them didn’t stand a chance against the horde of tentacle beasts, Lofgren and Milu fled into mausoleum and slammed the stone door behind them.

8:32 AM
Lofgren hears commotion outside of the mausoleum. He slides the door open, seeing the tentacle beasts fly toward the exit of the tomb. A couple of tentacle beasts notice the door open, though, and charge toward it. Lofgren draws his bow and fires.

Ramtar, Eward and Enoch get cornered at the top of the stairwell that lead to a small hallway by the Fell Taint. There’s also another stairwell ascending further up at 180 degrees the stairs they came up. The entrance to the tomb is blocked by rubble, but it can be scaled if given enough time.

Battle pitches with green Fell Taint in the tunnel and at the entrance of the mausoleum. Purple Fell Taint hover in the middle of the tomb, shooting tentacles and psychic anguish from a distance.

Lofgren goes down. One of the fell taint levitates down, latches onto Lofgren’s temples with its tentacles then starts writhing. It also turns solid. Milu stabs at the crowding Fell Taint with his spear, focusing most of his fury on the solid beast attached to Lofgren.

The three in the tunnel break through the line of Fell Taint. Eward charges into to the room. Noticing the Fell Taint focusing on the door, he charges them. Milu had dispersed the Fell Taint by the time Eward reached them.

Eward kneels down next to the battered, bruised and unconscious Lofgren. Eward commanded, “Come on, buddy, get up! Don’t give up on us. You’ve got a lot more living to do. YOU CAN DO IT!” That did it, Lofgren gritted his teeth and opened his eyes wide.

Battle ensued a little longer. Eward got knocked down. Ramtar layed hands on him and pours divine energy into the downed Warlord. Getting up, Eward psyches himself up to cause more harm to the Fell Taint.

By then, though, only one of the purple one remained. It floated up above one of the coffins, out of reach. Enoch point his finger at the ugly critter, said an indecipherable word and blasted the thing with a blue blast of magic. The Fell Taint exploded in a blast of ectoplasm.

Feeling the hurt, party took some time to rest and recover.

8:34 AM
Party debates searching the coffins and mausoleum but decide they have more interest in getting out of this place and back up to the Monastery. They ascend the stairwell just outside tomb.

Enter a large room, about 50 feet by 60 feet, with nothing too interesting except a stairwell headed up in the opposite corner, rubble on the floor and holes in the ceiling.

Curious, Enoch walks over to the other stairwell and sends his light to the top of the stairwell. Everything looks fine, so he calls to the rest of the party that it’s safe.

He spoke too soon, though. A Shadow Stalker charged down the stairwell then grabs Enoch, causing the Wizard to yell out in pain from the chill.


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