The Korand Campaign

Onto Hamlet Burtonham

An hour out from Monastery Doran, after going through depressing misty but unobtrusive rain, hazy cloud covering the sky, party runs into a patrol heading south.

Sizeable patrol, about six armored men on lightly armored horses, a robed man on a riding horse, a man of faith riding an armored horse with the symbol of Pelor hung around his neck and about 20 men on foot with various pole arms.

Small amount of socializing between party and patrol. Patrol headed toward Monastery to get shelter from elements. Out for many hours of wandering around, on and off the road, very uneventful. Nonetheless, those open to talking mostly young and have seen patrols as one of the few opportunities to get out of local settlement and have some variety.

Party and patrol go their separate ways.

Party continues onward north on the road, their mood weighed down by the oppressive mist. Gray skies grow black, causing difficulty for party to see well enough to continue, especially with the misty rain. They get off the path and start setting up camp.

Just as they’re pulling off saddle bags from horses, they hear horses galloping. Quick look around reveals a light coming from the south. Soon coming up the road approaches a patrol, made up of a group similar to the last one but with about half the foot soldiers. Party introduces themselves and upon learning the patrol is heading north, party joins up with them.

Patrol a little younger. Patrol coming from Burtonham Keep. Inquiry into goings on Burtonham Hamlet and robberies and disappearances don’t bring up any useful information. No one in patrol seems at all interested, saying peasants will do what they do and there’s not threat enough to get involved. Product is still being produced, enough to keep Lord Burtonham happy.

Patrolmen really happy to have chance to get out of the Hamlet. Nothing ever really exciting has happened in their lives. Last interesting thing they know about ever occurring in area was the Frog Men War that occurred two generations or so, a war sung throughout the Kingdom. Few heroic stories occurred, but many variations of songs on it as the last time the people of Korand had the chance to show glory in war.

A couple hours of traveling, the patrol says their farewells then heads out off the road to see if they could find anything to run into. Party settles for camp and gets some shut eye.

Seventeenth Day of the Sixth Month of the Korandish Calendar

Next morning, clouds have mostly cleared and sun peers down on the damp world. To the west, party can see the Western Mountain Range rise into the sky very much like some huge wall. Party has breakfast and heads out further on the road.

Very strong winds come from direction of the mountains, but into the faces of the party. It’s on the edge of cold most of the day, but at least it’s dry and some warm light breaks through the clouds. The mountains recede as the road veers to the northeast. The rest of the ride proves uneventful as the road continues onward over rolling meadows with occasional copses of trees here and there.

About seven hours later, party overtakes a ridge. A couple miles north, marshland starts and goes as far as their eyes can see. The road wends down the hill to a settlement next to the swampland. Based on everything they’ve been told, the figures they’ve reached Hamlet Burtonham, the goal of this journey, where their mission awaits.


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