The Korand Campaign

Fire in the Hole (Basement)!!!!

15th Day of the 6th Month of the 967th Year of our Kingdom Korand

7:16 AM
Ramtar Wolfang had retrieved his plate armor and received guidance to the Miller’s. Ramtar came running down the stairs then recoiled from the heat as he entered the room. “What in the name of Avandra?” he cursed.

Party tries all types of ways to put out fire, from Enoch shooting rays of cold onto it, dropping a barrel of flour on the fire and trying to consolidate the fuel into one pile. Fire proved too strong, however, making the room unbearable.

Even worse, Clyde the wererat regained consciousness and fled up the stairs. He slammed door on way out. The door caught fire, blocking that way out.

In the midst of the chaos, Ramtar’s backpack caught on fire. He threw it off since he wasn’t able to extinguish it by batting at it.

Everyone but Ramtar climbed down into the hole Clyde originally came up. Ramtar of the stubbornly heroic heart stayed behind, trying an idea or two. His heart of hearts couldn’t bear the fire getting further out of control, causing damage to the Monastary and hurting innocents.

As Ramtar tried to consolidate some of the burning debris into a pile, an insubstantial ball of tentacles and eyes popped out nowhere, hovering in the air. It grasped onto him with its tentacles, sending searing pain into Ramtar’s soul and mind. Flailing around, Ramtar fought back with pummeling and slashes of his sword.

The hole led the rest of the party down a tunnel about 70 feet to small tunnel with a stream running through it. Noticing Ramtar gone, Lofgren and Enoch climbed back up the tunnel. Volney sat next to the babbling stream and meditated.

Lofgren emerged into the basement first and saw the scuffle between Ramtar and the floating tentacle monster. Drawing his bow and moving closer, he missed the monster. After a few more attacks, Ramtar and Lofgren disposed of the beast. Ramtar looked pretty hurt, though.

Trying to catch his breath but only gasping in smoke, Ramtar had a flash of memory. He had heard at breakfast some inhabitants of the Monastery discuss the power of their mages and the innovation of the Monastery in the form of such things as water pumps and leather hoses that can transport water some distances.

Ramtar ran toward the hole. “Let’s get out of here!”

They scrambled down the hole.

7:20 AM
Everyone but Ramtar had made it down fine with just a few scratches and bruises. Ramtar collapsed from difficulty of climbing down the hole in plate armor, his exhaustion and the inhalation of all that smoke. Lofgren and Enoch bent down next to Ramtar, ministering to his wounds and bringing him back to consciousness.

7:25 AM
After some rest, party took a look around the tunnel where they found themselves. They were at mouth of cramped tunnel that opens next to a ten foot wide stream. On the other side of stream was a cave wall. Stream emerged from up from underneath a cave wall about twenty feet in one direction and went back underneath another cave wall about five feet in the other direction.

The path/shore basically spanned from the cave walls where the stream emerged and descended back underground. Ceiling of the tunnel about six feet tall, so tall party members have to duck and crouch.

Tunnel continued a little further past where the stream emerged from wall fifteen feet away. About seven feet past the stream, the tunnel turned about sixty degrees to the right, but you can’t see around the corner.

Lofgren takes a few steps forward, enough to get a better view of the curve in the tunnel. The curve goes for a couple feet then starts going straight. A couple feet after going straight, the tunnel takes a steep incline at about a fifty to sixty degree angle, depending on where. It’s about a fifteen foot climb.

It will require a successful athletics check to climb.

Volney whispered something unintelligible, scrunches his eyes shut. He says, “. .. five minutes of peace. . ..” then opened his eyes. Bending down to the stream, he splashes water onto his face with his hands. “Ahhh, refreshing!”

Next e-mail/sessions: How will the party get out of the rat hole?

Onto Monastary Doran & Fighting a Rat-Filled Menace

14th Day of the 6th Month of Our 967th Year of our Kingdom Korand

6:00 AM
Party line up changes:
  • Dirk fails to shoe up at the Green Shield Inn
  • Lofgren, the ranger, added to the party by order of Earl Haydn
  • Volney Velasco, the strange one who speaks to the unseen, added to the party by order of Earl Haydn
6:40 AM
Lofgren ran to northwest gate on opposite side of Grassin to try getting the Scatterman Merchant Family Caravan but missed them by half hour. Waits for rest of party.

7:06 AM
Rest of party reaches northwest entrance. On way out, notice a patrol headed out, too. Join up with patrol who lends party some horses.

7:15 PM
After uneventful ride and day’s worth of trail rations eaten (along with two arrows of Lofgren’s used to bag a small rabbit and small squirrel), patrol and party catch up with the Scatterman Merchant Family Caravan. Whole group joins together and heads toward Monastery Doran.

9:30 PM
Caravan of patrol, merchant family and party reaches Monastery Doran [a dense population center about the size of East Lakeview/Wrigleyville area surrounded by farm land]. Groups separate and go their own ways.

Party finds an empty house and settles down to sleep. Horses sleep inside, too. Not knowing what to do with cart, they leave it outside.

15th Day of the 6th Month of Our 967th Year of our Kingdom Korand

6:00 AM
Party wakes up. After stretching out, doing morning meditations and such, party heads to the southern building of the central square they’re in to the mess hall.

Located to the north is the huge temple [comparable to a cathedral/basilica in the real world]. To the east are two other huge buildings: the Monastary administration building on the southeast and the library just to the east of the temple. A well sits in the center of the square.

Party grabs some pancakes, hash browns, bacon and milk from the serving counter. Some of the most tasty and scrumptious food they’ve ever eaten. Asking around to see who they pay, a nice young man tells them the food is free for the taking. Party inquires about Monastery. Young man tells them people come there to learn skills and knowledge. Most stay but many go out into the world to make a living, improve the Kingdom, spread skills, knowledge and word of the Monastery.

In fact, Father Humboldt from Grassin sends a lot of peasants to the Monastery.

7:00 AMish
Man comes running into mess hall. He yells, “Hear ye! Hear ye! We need some brave souls to help with a dangerous situation.”

After hearing about the situation, Lofgren, Enoch and Volney volunteer to help. Last night, giant rats dug out out from the ground into Angus Collins, the miller’s basement. Angus ran away and closed the basement door into the faces of the rats.

7:15 AM
Man led three party members to Angus Collins’. Angus re-hashes story then brings group down to basement door. Enoch readies to shoot fire as Angus readies to open the door.

Before Enoch shoots, a mousy looking man in the middle of the room yells out to stop. Enoch stops. Party interrogates man. His name is Clyde. Rats in basement somewhat his fault. He chased them up, but he was trying to get away from some really screwed up things down the hole he came up. Apparently, he had been exploring some other hole he had found in some alley way.

Party told Angus to close door behind them and not to open unless they yell out the password (Password: Kittens). Lofgren whispered password into Angus’s ear.

Party interrogates Clyde, trying to find out more about what’s down hole. Clyde can’t describe anything, just keeps repeating that it’s really screwed up down the hole.

Party tries forcing him to go down hole before them. Clyde keeps trying to convince them to let him leave, but party won’t budge. Clyde chitters, and ten giant rats charge from the shadows of barrels and shelves to attack party.

Party defeats rats and Clyde, who turns out to be a wererat. Rats and Clyde inflicted good deal of hurt onto the party. All rats dead, Clyde knocked unconscious by Lofgren.

Unfortunately, Enoch had set a barrel on fire in beginning of battle. Another barrel and a shelf have gone ablaze and are raging at end of battle.

Next challenge: put out fire!

Cobbled Together About Places, People and Organizations Encountered by Party
General Info from 12 or 13 Sessions

Party hasn’t accomplishment much, especially since only one character has been there from the beginning. One of the players has been there from the beginning with the bard, but he changed to the Paladin to make sure the party had a Defender. It’s public but not necessarily widespread knowledge that the bard was part of the Heroes of Sern. They

  • Defeated two vagabonds that had stolen crops and the front half of a cow (leaving the rest of it behind) from their hometown village, Sern
  • Saved Sern from being devastated by an army of giant ants (even though the bard vows they were giant spiders)
  • Recently had some scuffles with local toughs and ruffians in the bad and downtrodden part of inner-Grassin, the capitol of Darsnek Principality, the northernmost Principality of Korand

The bard and his friends were apprentices to some masters in Sern who used to be an adventuring company called the Knights of Monastery Doran. Because of political reasons (nothing made entirely clear to any players or the public), the Knights were forced to settle down in Sern and take on apprentices from the village.

Monastery Doran is medium distance from Grassin following the northwest road. You’ve never traveled there and neither has anyone in the party, as people generally don’t travel the countryside without proper paperwork. Otherwise, they’re considered outlaws and liable to be arrested then deposited back home, at best.

In fact, the paladin, new player and the ranger have never left Grassin. This is the first time the bard has left Sern. The wizard has only traveled between Grassin and Sern.

People don’t travel much because of the whole paperwork/outlaw thing. Somewhat based on a mix of Medieval Europe to Colonial Massachusetts, everyday people in present-day Korand know their place and don’t generally get out of it that much. Mostly there’s just not the opportunity. Korand has been fairly peaceful except for banditry in the south and random isolated incidences with the Cult of Ghorlrixor (who are a bad bunch of mofos, generally seen as batsh*t crazy and people are advised to avoid them at all costs).

All PCs at this time are employees of Earl Klaus Haydn, but no one has met him face-to-face. They’ve only interacted with him through his secretaries in select settlements. You, the paladin and the ranger are pretty much recruits newly let out into the field. Earl Haydn has provided (or will provide in the case of you and the ranger) with a copy of the company charter for Haydn’s Defenders, any additional endorsements (there’s already a few of them indicating party member changes), signet ring and at least one loan of 500 gold crowns.

The paladin, however, has had a very good teacher and has some experience in “martial arts” during his time in taverns and dealing with a smooth-talking trouble-making friend of his. The paladin’s teacher’s name is Father Humboldt, a man who ministers to the poor and downtrodden of the South Side of Grassin.

The party has had recent pleasant interactions with Father Humboldt, and Father Humboldt has ties with Earl Haydn somewhere between medium and strong. They’re close enough that Humboldt fund raises from Haydn and lends out good men like the paladin. . .even though connecting the paladin with Earl Haydn is part of Humboldt’s mission: helping the poor and downtrodden make better situations for themselves in the world.

Other than these positive encounters with nobility, PCs haven’t interacted with nobility much. At the most, nobility has been seen from far. There are a few entrepreneurial landless nobles but most well known nobles are landowners, generally with a keep nearby some settlement owned by the landowner noble. Landed nobles can rule their land as they will, as long as they trade with the merchants that come through their villages.

Other than patrols, nobility and the very rare adventuring party, merchants are generally the only entities that travel the countryside much. They mostly travel out from their hometowns/cities,

• Selling and trading arms and armor to nobility on their way out
• Buying and trading for the local products of villages on the way back into their hometown/cities, generally the capitols of their respective Principality.

Once back home, merchants fill up again on arms and armor by trading the village products. Some of the village products and coin get taken as tax, too.

Most of the merchants take on the job as a family business. The party traveled with the Magee Family Merchant Company from Sern to Grassin but not much came of the company other than safety. Traveling for merchants is a good way to travel with protection, though. This fact stays especially true in the Northern part of Korand where there’s an unofficial understanding between the merchants and banditry. In the North, the merchants often just hand off some of their wares to the bandits to avoid any trouble. A lot of it has to do with preventing the kind of trouble that they have down in the South, where there’s almost open war between the merchants and bandits.

The party hasn’t had much interaction with organizations and power players, except for donations to the big Temple in Grassin. The Kingdom of Korand generally focuses on three divinities: Erathis, Avandra and Pelor. The temples and churches are always accepting donations. . .and donations can often help make services cheaper in the future (think of it as informal health insurance, if you will). People have the right to worship and give reverence to other generally non-evil gods.

For instance, Father Humboldt is not shy about his worshipping and meeting the calling of Bahamut. Many nobles and gentleman think he’s something of a religious nut, especially after the respectable commendations he’s received in the service of the crown, but he’s welcome to worship as he will.

Humboldt’s ministering to the poor also generally isn’t seen as anything threatening or groundbreaking, either. It’s a foreign concept to most, but Humboldt receives support from the likes of Earl Haydn and puts one person out of the running of power politics. Good for him! say many of the nobles. . .which often gets translated as a cynical, Humboldt is wasting his time but it’s one less person I have to make an enemy of.

The only real interaction with a bad or criminal organization would be the Grassin Chapter of the Thieves Guild in Korand. It is not widespread information, but one of Haydn’s secretaries has informed you that the local head of the Thieves Guild, Argus, led an odd training mission in Sern. The wizard and bard took part in destroying that operation, and through their work, learned about the trouble brewing up in Burtonham Hamlet.

Foiling the operation also revealed that Argus, who had gotten away, actually used to be part of the Knights of Monastery Doran and used to go by Bruno Cimarron in those days. He had adventured with the “retired” members of the Knights in Sern. You are instructed to keep this information hush hush among most company, however. There’s no telling what damage that kind of information could cause or how valuable it could be in the future. . ..

Monastery Doran is really the only local settlement that values freedom of movement, thought and conscience. It holds values similar to Father Humboldt, and he often sends downtrodden there for education and training to make something better of themselves. It’s run by something of a nonprofit religious organization but most everyone there are lay people who found life there better than elsewhere and have grown very committed to the place. It could be considered somewhat of a Utopia in the Kingdom.

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