People of Interest

Abbot of Monastary Doran

Alfie, Errand Boy/Runner of Burtonham Keep

Angus Collins – A miller in Monastary Doran. Party went into his basement to deal with a giant rat infestation. Dealing with rats and their wererat friend, Clyde, Enoch set fire to basement barrels and shelves. The fire spread to destroy 3 square blocks.

Antonio the Stable Boy – Stable boy of the administration building at Monastary Doran.

Archmage Iain MacEllyn – Enoch Pentreath’s teacher who hooked Enoch up with Earl Haydn. The Archmage lives in his tower in the northern part of Grassin County.

Bruno Simarron/Argus – Head of the Grassin Chapter of the Korand Thieves Guild. Previously member of the Knights of Monastary Doran, along with masters of the apprentices who made up the Heroes of Sern. Kidnapped Drake Steinway, led some training exercise in Sern, offered PCs job to bring freedom to the people of Korand but tested the party with a big fight with his men. Argus/Bruno ran away before the end of combat.

Haydn’s Defenders found a note from Bruno on Gareth the thug. Ostensibly the note told Gareth to annoy the party until they leave. Gerard saw through the Secret Page enchantment, however, and found a note to them alluding to a conspiracy in the Kingdom, his effort to work against the conspiracy, he will provide them with further information in time and the origin of the two thugs who took the front half of a cow in Sern.

Drake Steinway – Hermit and master storyteller of Sern. Gerard Figaro’s mentor. Was kidnapped by Argus/Bruno Simarron for reasons unknown.

Earl Klaus Haydn – Owner of Adventuring Company, Haydn’s Defenders, making him employer of PCs. None of the PCs have met Earl Haydn.

Eward of Monastary Doran – Two versions of Eward that we know of. Eward the Warlord from “somewhere else” and who now adventures with Haydn’s Defenders. There is also Eward who has the chicken coop. His chickens produce “good eggs.”

Father Humboldt – Once a soldier for the crown that has received some commendation, now a minister to the poor and downtrodden of Grassin. Mentor to Ramtar Owlfang, PC currently part of Haydn’s Defenders. His mission not completely taken seriously by most movers and shakers but still receives fair emount of donations. Haydn’s Defenders visit the Father’s mission, donated some of their own money and had some friendly discussion.

Gareth the Thug – Took part in Argus’s training exercise in Sern. The only roguish fellow who got away from the party. Ambushed Haydn’s Defenders with the help of some downtrodden folks and toughts a couple times after first entering Grassin. The Defenders prevailed, took Gareth prisoner and left him with Father Humboldt for some civilizing.

Gunther Gobbles – Earl Klaus Haydn’s secretary at Monastary Doran.

Gus, Notary of Burtonham Keep

Sam Reynolds – Agent of Earl Haydn. With help of Enoch Pentreath, the PC Wizard, and Malekith, once a PC Sorceror, was investigating activities of Argus. After cover pretty much blown, helped Heroes of Sern disperse the “training exercise” being run by Argus.

Acts as guide to Haydn’s Defenders while visiting Grassin.

Scatterman Merchant Family – Merchant family that travels northwest from Grassin to Monastary Doran. They then go further northwest or northeast.

Stromberg Family of Burtonham Hamlet – Rumor has it that a baby of theirs has disappeared to no one knows where.

People of Interest

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