Welcome to the Kingdom of Korand!

The Kingdom of Korand has kept relative peace for as long you can remember. Stories told by bards tell of great heroic exploits and adventures of decades ago, at the earliest. And even before that, decades and centuries of peace had passed without much to speak about other than petty squabbles amongst nobles, merchants bandits in the south and random eruptions by Cultists of Ghorlixor. Overall, peace has prevailed for as long as anyone around you can remember except for a few grizzled veterans.

In a kingdom of just humans, civilization and enough affluence to spread around in an uneven but comfortable fashion, this kind of peace proved relatively easy to keep through the power of the nobility. With a population growing ever faster, a nation scared to go beyond its borders, occasional old ruins from the past millenia and stories abound of high adventure, something is bound to happen in a now complacent kingdom.

Currently one enterprising noble, named Earl Klaus Haydn, has taken on the employment of a band of agents in his debt around the Kingdom. Haydn’s Defenders has returned to Grassin from a mission to Burtonham in the north, whence they discovered mysterious disappearances of crops, tools and a baby came from a group of goblins in the marshes north of Burtonham. They eliminated the threat, retrieved the skull of a baby (only for its mother to disbelief it was her baby and the town minister to task Haydn’s Defenders with verifying the identity of the skull) and gained the praise the town. Part of that praise included the minister giving them a copy of the Book of Pelor.

Most the party has spent the last couple weeks training to better their skills and expertise. They had also brought back a new companion who needs more experience before being ready for training. He has spent his time assisting in the training, running errands for Earl Haydn and getting to know some other local agents of the Earl’s. All in all, an uneventful but busy time for him.

With training complete, the Earl’s secretary in Grassin Keep has called the Defenders to provide them with more adventure. . .

The Korand Campaign

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