The Korand Campaign

Meeting the Abbott & Leaving the Monastery

In last section, Ramtar not present. He had done one those disappearing acts right before fight with Shadow Stalkers. To him, party actually face 15 Shadow Stalkers. Haydn’s Defenders put up a valiant fight, but they didn’t stand a chance and fled.

They lost the Stalkers, returned to entrance of tunnels from which they came. Climbing up the rough tunnel, Ramtar kept questioning this course of action. Who in their right mind would climb into a raging inferno? To his surprise, no trace of fire in the basement.

Party went back to home where they squatted for the night to retrieve their stuff. Ramtar hadn’t left anything behind, so he went out for a little walk in the front square.

Meanwhile. . .

Enoch and Eward gawked at the destruction wrought by the fire. They hadn’t noticed that Lofgren and Milu disappeared. They also didn’t notice two patrolmen step up to them until one of the men cleared their throats. After some back and forth starting with a demand that Enoch come with them, moving to wonder at Eward wearing heavy armor and not having his good eggs then the two of them agreeing to go with men.

Patrolmen lead the two to administration building. On way there, they walked through front main square. Ramtar saw party, and they saw him. Patrolmen demanded he come with them, too. Ramtar agreed with little fanfare. Party led through administration building to office of Abbot.

Abbot’s secretary surprised to see Eward in heavy armor. Not having Eward’s great eggs disappointed the secretary, too. Secretary announces party’s presence to Abbot, who lets them in. Abbot has same reaction to Eward as everyone else in Monastery, why the armor and not the great eggs?

Party explains that Eward doesn’t seem to remember same history as rest of party about how they ended up in tunnels. Mention encountering Fell Taint underneath Monastery, and Abbot acknowledges that the Fell Taint travel between the planes and realities, sometimes bringing other entities along with them. Just to be sure, Abbot has secretary summon Eward, the chicken hand and man with great eggs, which will take little time.

Abbot asks who Ramatar and Enoch are. They show Abbot Haydn Defenders charter and signet rings, after which they also deliver scrolls from past party members’ masters, from the mayor of Sern and from Earl Haydn. Abbot looks everything over.

Get into issue about fire. Abbot hears out story. He acts understanding and acknowledges that sometimes even the best intentions can cause harm when misapplied. Besides, working for Earl Klaus Haydn goes a long way. Earl Haydn obviously sees character and potential in the party. On top of that, Abbot can’t risk getting on wrong side of Haydn.

Abbot has secretary summon Gunther Gobbles, Earl Haydn’s secretary at the Monastery. While they wait, Eward, the chicken hand, arrives. Everyone looks on in awe. Both Ewards stare at each other in shock. Abbot gets a couple dozen great eggs from the chicken hand then sends him along.

Still waiting, Abbott explains to party that they won’t be able to move freely around Monastery presently. As magnanimous as Abbot being and despite people of Monastery having learned much, gained discipline and becoming more respectful, many still ruled by emotions, anger and rage being one of them. Having party walking around risk violence. Violence between civilized people at Monastery not wanted.

Gunther Gobbles arrives, greets Abbot, becomes apprised of situation then has party come with him to his office. Explain Eward and show Gunther charter and rings. Gunther makes Eward part of Haydn’s Defenders by writing up a rider for Eward and giving Eward a signet.

Seeing party worse for wear, Gunther ready to just let them sleep in an extra room and having them on their way to Burtonham Hamlet. Gunther addressing whole matter as course of order and doesn’t show much enthusiasm.

Knowing Burtonham Hamlet is some distance away, party queries Gunther for any help equipping themselves, maybe with some horses? Eward wins Gunther over with his, at least enough to get riding horses for a 100 gold crown deposit apiece, including saddle, bridge, tack, saddle bags and about five days of feeding grains.

Everything settled, Gunther has his boy, Antonio, show them to a spare empty room to rest up. Uneventful afternoon, but party feels pretty recharged by evening and ready to head out to Burtonham Hamlet. Antonio provides them a very light meal then shows them to the stable and their leased horses.

Ramtar and Enoch follow Eward up north through back streets of Monastery. Not at all different from the Monastery that Eward knew. Really only the smell of burnt ash and the occasional whiff of smoke to the west provided indication.

By dusk, party reaches northern edge of the dense settled part of the Monastery. Farmland extend practically in every direction. No trouble at all, Eward leads Ramtar and Enoch to the road that heads north toward Burtonham Hamlet, a few days away. . ..


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