House Ruling - Languages

All PCs start with the following base languages: Common and Modern Korandish.

If entitled to more, PCs can learn the typical languages listed in Players Handbook.

I haven’t named other surrounding nations or barbarian tribes outside of Korand yet. I’m open to PCs making up names for them then taking that language. I will work the names into the campaign/world/storyline. Just let me know if it’s a nation or barbarian language. You can even help me come up with the culture and history of the nation or tribe, even.

In addition, PCs can also learn historical languages: Ancient Korandish, Old Korandish, Middle Korandish and Near-Modern Korandish. Unlike “modern languages,” however, historical language training will improve history skill checks when reading historical languages. I’m thinking +5 for the appropriate language. Given enough time and resources, the old writing can be interpreted.

Restriction to “racial” languages: Along with the Player’s Handbook restriction on not being able to learn Abyssal and Supernal languages at first level, first-level characters are also not allowed to learn the Primordial language. Based on my reading, Primordials are on the same level as Supernal and Abyssal origins, just a defeated group of superpowerful entities (kinda like the relationship between the titans and gods in Greek mythology, but different. . .). It doesn’t make sense to me that Primordial would be available to first level when these two other languages are not.

House Ruling - Languages

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