House Ruling - Skillz

Player who plays Gerard has asked me to post what actions would require training in skills to be successful. This has been prompted by the identification of the stones found in the tomb. I had stated that identifying them would require training in Dungeoneering.

Reviewing skill descriptions in PHB, I’ve noticed that only two actions require training for success: detecting magic and reducing damage in a fall. I also read up a little on setting DCs for skill checks.

I’m going to basically set up a rough rule: for knowledge “checking” if it is deemed an expert level of knowledge, having a good degree of time to dedicate to the action (such as days, weeks, etc.), I will pretty much allow guaranteed success if you have the training and the proper resources (library, experts in a field, tools, etc.). In addition, I will allow successful guaranteed knowledge checks from addressing a particular situation to become general knowledge.

For instance, let’s take the situation of the stones found in the tomb. I’m giving Thom the guaranteed success on identifying the stones even though he doesn’t have training in Dungeoneering (simply because I never announced this type of rule) and there was sufficient time. One of those stones is an amethyst (I think) and there’s a turquoise or two. If Thom sees amethysts or turquoise in the future, he will be able to identify them instantly. In the future, Thom would need to make a check.

BUT since in this village, there is no access to information about appraising the stones, I will practically consider that a Master skill at the moment, requiring a minimum roll of 25. A failure in that will mean permanent failure unless you gain access to more information resources.

Have to get going, but I feel like this is a good ground rule that is flexible enough to adjust to particular situations in the future.

Please discuss, if so desired.

House Ruling - Skillz

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