Legal Sourcebooks

Official Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragaons 4th Edition sourcebooks and errata become legal when either I own the books (accessible to everyone at game time) or they become easily accessible otherwise (for instance, through the Internet).

The following 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons source books are currently legal for the Korand Campaign:

  • Player’s Handbook

  • Player’s Handbook 2

  • Dungeon Master’s Guide

  • Dungeon Master’s Guide 2

  • Adventurer’s Vault

  • Monster Manual

  • Monster Manual 2

  • Monster Manual 3

  • Arcane Power

  • Divine Power

  • Martial Power

  • Errata located on Wizards of the Coast™ Website – No need for anxiety if you don’t have all the errata down. There’s a lot of it. onestly, I won’t have it all down. I’ll try to get familiar with particular parts when I can project a scenario will occur. Nonetheless, try your best to be familiar with the errata that applies to your class and use the most up to date Character Generator if you’re using a Generator.

Legal Sourcebooks

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